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Painting workshop with Antoniou Nikolas - Is that a portrait ?

Is that a portrait ?

The workshop’s general purpose will be the creation of portraits with different elements of varied faces through the use of mixed materials (acrylics, oils and spray). 

The preparation will begin by precisely selecting specific characteristics from portrait photographs based on criteria that will be explored at the workshop. Meaning the students will not be using photos as they are, but rather a collage of different facial features.

It is vital that the students understand the significance that each individual feature holds and the importance of its role in the composition of a face. We will explore each facial element separately at the workshop. The final goal of this workshop will be the creation of portraits that depict an aesthetic. So, the elements will be employed to portray the portraits’ final meaning and purpose, which should harmoniously link with the aura the student would like to create.

Another aim of this workshop is learning how to mix materials that were not made for fusing; for instance spray-paint and paint. This will be achieved by alternating the materials’ initial identity and purpose for which they were originally made. Oil and acrylic paint, are conceived as more traditional mediums. Spray-paint, on the other hand is typically a ‘new’ material usually employed in street art. This distinction of old and new can be merged. At the workshop, the materials will essentially be ‘married’ in order to create a harmonious, contemporary feel to each student’s portrait. This is the concept that we will attempt to realise at the workshop.

All artists are aware, technique is key in creating an effectual piece. In the workshop students will be taught how technique affects and contributes both to the meaning and purpose of their work. Technique and theme are connected, and together, reveal the underlying meaning of a portrait.